Documentation GeneratorCreating Links

You may want to include links to other pages in your Markdown. The URL for each page can be found by replacing any special characters in the title (matching /\W+/) with underscores. For example, "ACME foo & bar" would become "ACME_foo_bar".

To create a link relative to your server root, prefix the link with /. Otherwise links will be treated as relative to the current route.

For example:

    ui: markdown
    markdown: |
      * Visit the [homepage](
      * View the [docs](/docs)
      * Learn [how to authenticate](/docs/Authentication)
    ui: documentation
      - title: Introduction
        markdown: |
          * Get an [API key](API_Key)

      - title: Authentication
        markdown: |
          You have two options:
          1. [Get an API key](Authentication/API_key)
          2. [Use basic auth](Authentication/Basic)
          - title: API Key
            markdown: |
              Visit [our site]( to get a key.
              Or learn how to use [basic auth](Authentication/Basic)
          - title: Basic
            markdown: |
              Use the `Authentication` header.