Documentation GeneratorNavigation

By default, LucyBot will use your API specification to build the left-hand navigation in the console and documentation UIs. You can also set this manually to add new sections and customize the grouping/order of items in the menu.

    ui: documentation

      - title: Introduction
        markdown: |
          # ACME Documentation
          Welcome to the documentation for the ACME API.

      - title: Getting Started
        markdownFile: ./

This will create pages at:

/docs (redirects to /docs/Introduction)


The following fields are available on each navigation item:

  • title - The title of the item
  • path - The URL used for this navigation item, relative to the route
  • meta - Controls <meta> and <title> tags
    • meta.title - By default, will be the title above
    • meta.description
    • meta.keywords
  • autoselect - Automatically redirect to the first child of this item
  • hide - Hide the item from being shown in the UI
  • expand - Always show this item's children
  • children - Any sub-items to be nested under this item

Reusing Navigation Menus

If you want to reuse a navigation menu for multiple routes, you can reference it by its field name:

    ui: documentation
    for: acme_api
    navigation: acme_navigation
    ui: console
    for: acme_api
    navigation: acme_navigation

  - markdownFile: ./Introduction
  - operation: "GET /widget"
  - operation: "POST /widget"