Documentation GeneratorLucyBot.yml

In the top-level directory of your repository, create a LucyBot.yml file. This will tell LucyBot how to build your documentation.

You must provide either the specifications field or the routes field in LucyBot.yml (or both).

Example 1 - single page

This LucyBot.yml generates a single page that uses Markdown.

    ui: markdown
    markdown: |
      # Hello World!

See UIs and Routing for a list of available UIs.

Example 2 - using OpenAPI

This LucyBot.yml uses an OpenAPI specification to auto-generate documentation and console pages.

    - openapi: ./openapi.yml

Available Fields

The following fields are available in LucyBot.yml:

  • specifications - A list of different API specifications to generate docs for. See Specifications
  • routes - Controls URL structure, navigation, and SEO. See Routing
  • javascript - An array of JavaScript files or URLs to include
  • css - An array of CSS files or URLs to include
  • discussionURL - Will be included as an iframe in documentation pages. See Discussion Pages
  • sitemap - Options for generating sitemap.xml
    • sitemap.hostname
  • favicon - URL for <link rel="icon">
  • prismjsTheme - A theme name for the PrismJS syntax highlighter (one of coy, dark, funky, okaidia, solarizedlight, tomorrow, or twilight)
  • basePath - If the generated LucyBot site is not mounted on your server's root, you'll need to set this or useHash
  • useHash (default false) - Use hashes instead of paths for navigation ( instead of
  • uiOptions
    • uiOptions.embedConsoleInDocumentation - The 'Try It' link will expand an embedded console instead of navigating to a new page
    • uiOptions.discussionTitle - The title to show above the discussion iframe
    • uiOptions.optionalizeHost - Set to true to allow users to set an alternative host, e.g. localhost:3000
    • uiOptions.messages - Language for error messages etc.
      • uiOptions.messages.deprecated - Message to show for operations marked deprecated (default: 'This operation has been deprecated.')
  • workflowDirectory - directory containing workflow markdown
  • github - Options for GitHub authentication (to enable community edits)
    • github.repo - The name of the repository LucyBot.yml is in
    • github.redirect_uri
    • github.client_id
  • loadOpenAPISynchronous - A performance improvement if you're using the --prerender option


If you want to build your configuration dynamically, you can create LucyBot.js instead of LucyBot.yml:

module.exports = {
  specifications: {
    acme_api: {
      openapi: "./openapi.yml"