Documentation GeneratorHosting the Website

After running lucybot build, you'll have a directory containing an index.html file, along with CSS, JavaScript, and other HTML assets. You have several options for serving this documentation to your users.

GitHub Pages

GitHub offers free, public website hosting through GitHub pages. By default, you'll get the domain, but you can also add a custom domain in the Settings section of your repository.

You can serve your website from a particular branch in your repository, or from the docs/ directory on the master branch. We use the latter strategy below:

lucybot build --destination ./docs
git add docs/*
git commit -m "Build website"
git push -u origin master

Be sure to visit the Settings page in your repository to enable GitHub Pages.


You can output the website to your www folder:

lucybot build --destination /var/www/html/

Amazon S3

lucybot build
s3 sync ./www s3://mybucket


lucybot build
php -S -t ./www