Documentation GeneratorGitHub Integration

GitHub integration is currently experimental

You can integrate your documentation with GitHub to allow teammates and users to suggest edits to your docs. Currently this only works for adding and contributing workflows.

You'll need to register a GitHub application at, and add your credentials to LucyBot.yml:

  repo: "ACME/acme_docs"
  client_id: "a5dc854e03c060741218"
  access_token_url: ""

Server-side component

For security reasons, you'll need to implement server-side logic for generating an access token. The URL to trigger this logic must be specified in the access_token_url field in LucyBot.yml.

Here's an example using NodeJS Express:

var router = module.exports = require('express').Router();
var request = require('request');'/access_token', function(req, res) {
    method: 'post',
    url: '',
    headers: {'Accept': 'application/json'},
    json: true,
    qs: {
      client_id: process.env.GITHUB_CLIENT_ID,
      client_secret: process.env.GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET,
      code: req.query.code,
  }, function(err, response, body) {
      if (err) res.status(500).send(err);
      else res.json(body);