Documentation GeneratorBuilding the Website

Once you have a directory with LucyBot.yml, you can use the lucybot tool to build a portable set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript assets:

cd /path/to/my/LucyBot/docs/
lucybot build

This will create a www folder that can be served using Apache, GitHub Pages, Amazon S3, PHP, NodeJS Express, etc.


  • --directory - path to directory containing LucyBot.yml
  • --destination - path to place generated assets (default is $directory/www)
  • --noredirect - Generate an index.html for every possible URL
  • --prerender - Prerender an index.html for every possible URL (requires PhantomJS)
  • --basePath - Set the base path on which the documentation will be served (overrides basePath field in LucyBot.yml)