Documentation GeneratorUIs and Routing

There are five core user interfaces available:

  • documentation - A set of pages driven by markdown files, API operations, and JSON Schema
  • console - An API test console for making live calls
  • markdown - A single page with Markdown or HTML content
  • gallery - If there are multiple APIs, this can be used as the homepage
  • workflow - A step-by-step tutorial

If you add an API specification, the documentation and console UIs will be used by default. For example, with the minimal configuration:

    - openapi: ./openapi.yml

LucyBot will create pages at the following URLs:


Custom Routing

You can define the routes field in LucyBot.yml to control the URL structure of your documentation.

    redirect: '/docs'

    ui: documentation
    for: acme_api

    ui: console
    for: acme_api

    ui: markdown
    markdownFile: ./html/TermsOfService.html

    - openapi: ./openapi.yml